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Select POrtfolio Servicing took over USBANK Trust  WMALT 2006-AR9 (owned by JPMorgan Chase) and there is a fraudulent Assignment of Mortgage Attached to this, the FOURTH foreclosure lawsuit on the subject property (Prior 3 lawsuits ended by request of Plaintiff for Voluntary Dismissal.) Now, FOURTH lawsuit, coming from Select Portfolio Servicing instead of the first three, which were financed by JPMorgan Chase.

In the 3 previous lawsuits on that property, everytime we showed our intention to depose the fraudulent transactional parties, the Plaintiff would Voluntarily Dismiss their own case. The law of FLA say you can't do that more than TWO times, but still, we are being served the Summons tomorrow. 

I need to locate the contact information (home address) of the Utah, SPS robo signers so that I can Motion our INtent to Depose them--IN UTAH--at our own expense...we are in St Petersburg FL.  Does anyone know the contact info on Bill Koch or Reuben Dunn. I have other ways of finding them, but it costs $$ and I was just wondering.

Thanks for any help.
Robert Grondin

Robert J. Grondin
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